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“It prints very nice and it’s easy to work with, and it really shows that toughness. It’s not brittle like standard PLA. When we did our destructive tests, we started seeing yielding and bending slightly, and a lot of the parts didn’t break or burst.

Normal PLA you start bending at 10 – 15 degrees and it snaps and a chunk goes flying at 200 miles an hour. Compared to other tough PLAs there are some that are just junk”

Tony Vander Pas, President and CEO, Rapid3D Inc

“I have been 3d printing going on 7 years now. I have tried numerous brands of filaments. I got a roll of Scarlet Red VO3D filament, and so far I am very impressed.

On the printing, I didn’t change a thing in my settings, which can really be problematic when changing filament brands. But this filament printed perfectly first print. The toughness is on point as well. Bed adhesion directly on glass – no problem. Layer adhesion – no problem.

I also love the packaging. It just looks like a quality product. The fact that it is USA made – you’ve definitely got a new customer.”

Kevin Rowe, Hobbyist

“I could have just hit that print button and walked away. It feels nice and strong, and suited to the rough and ready environment of a CNC machine, I rate it highly”

Philip Johnson, Designs by Phil LLC

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